Making history not just history,a relevant one is not a new statement we hear for the first time.Making history has been the desire of everyman. Its either we make relevant or irrelevant history.
What we read or hear today is as a result of history or life lived by some fellows in the past. We have history today serving as the core of our daily living.We fall back on these histories to shapen our daily lives.The question is “what history are we making today to shaping the tomorrow of our future generation?”.
Making history without benefit of doubt is one major difficult task any man can embark upon but i tell you its the most easiest thing any man can do or achieve.Making history should be one major thing we should crave for.When we desire making history,then there is hope for tomorrow.
The kind of history we want to make solely depends on us and attaining it depends largely on our attitude to making that which we desire a reality.The choice is yours whether to make good history or bad one.
NB: If you don’t do something unique today,there is no history for tomorrow.



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