There is one thing i want you to understand,you have been hearing it but i feel your level of understanding is to low too to see what i see about you.” IN EVERY MAN,THERE IS ELEMEMT OF GREATNESS”. Though we were not born with something in us and that is why the psychologist said our mind were blank from birth “TABULAR RASA”.So they claimed.


I want you to know that God didn’t creat us empty,what i stated above was just human idealogy. the truth is there is greatness in every man. They can’t stop you if you don’t allow. Two things contends with our greatness in life,success and failure. Success can’t be fathomed cos its a wide subject that can’t be treated as though we treat failure.


I can’t give you the key to success per say but i can give you the surest way to failure which is allowing your lack of self actualisation beat you down. Failure has no other name other than “I CAN’T DO IT”. Your thoughts have major influence in shaping you destiny in life. When you are filled with negative thoughts, thay can stop you from attaining your desire goals.


Sometimes, we are saddled with evil thought that may mar our future and they do cos we allow them to determine our line of actions. when your negative thoughts controls your actions, the end result is negative and when there are negative results, there is bound to be a crash of visions. Your thoghts can’t stop unless you allow them. though they might be very powerful and probably too difficult to manage,but the capacity to make the best out of life challanges is in us if only we know the authority invested in us as the sole controller of our thoughts.


Never you allow those underminning thoughts overwhelm your thinking. They are mirrage or illusional force of failure. Remember you are not a failure cos you were not born to be a failure. Gods plan for our lives was never evil but good. So, say to yourself i refuse to be a failure, i am a success cos God already made me so. Whenever negative thoughts comes our mind,lets overcome them by positive confessions. By the words we speak, we are who we want to be.If you fail or succeed,it was you permissive will!.







  1. Very Correct and Indeed Revealing..!!!
    But what Happens when Even after all efforts, some situations are just beyound One,what does One do @ that particular point In time…God Bless

    1. Just hold on and mentain the instinct of survival.The truth is there is never a problem beyond a man’s ability.Probably we haven’t fashion the real path to solving them.All i can say now is keep trying,u wil get right.aruolinks

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