This letter is written to you because of what i heard. I was so shocked when i received the information that you were so confused and frustrated about what you can do to bring about that change we have been clamouring. I was also told that you said the change is not real and that the world can not be better. That there is no change anywhere. Oh my friend,what is happening to your mentality?,why are you so shallow minded?,how many more books do you need to read before you know and believes that the change we are talking about begins with you?
I know this also concerns you reading this letter now,let me say something very imperative,although not new but very relevant

We have so much stayed in hopelessness. We have always hope for that change we need,believing there is someone somewhere to make it a reality. Don’t be deceived, there is nobody anywhere to cause that change,but there one thing that will effect that change.

Don’t get scared and discouraged,change is one thing that is Constant in life. but the truth is, it as been discovered that most people are scared of change. Instead of changing the situation, the situation is changing us instead. like i use to tell people the ability to control the situation gives you an edge over life. Your situation needs change and that change can only be effected by you and you alone. if you wait for me or anybody to change your situation for you, you might end up not being fulfilled in life.

what you need to make a difference is in you.Search yourself, look within you, i tell your that you have got the inner capability to cause a transformation that has not been done before now. The change you need Lies in you. How do i mean?. You cannot effect that change if you don’t change yourself. You have to work persistently and tirelessly to right the wrong. You can change the situation around you without changing yourself.

Your mentality is the causal effect of that change you want. There will be no collective change without the individual change. Reason why most us feels we are not better than what we think we are is the fact that our sense of “ITS POSSIBLE” is totally depleted. Believe me, the attitude you portray goes a long way to determining the extent of change you will make.

The gifts you need to cause tremendous transformation is not far fetched,it lies within you.aruolinks


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