Fulfilling destiny is a mandate for everyman born of woman to fulfill in life. Fulfilling destiny to me should be born out of curiousity. When a man shows non-challant attitude to his or her life or don’t care about his or her destiny,the chance to make a difference by reaching his or her set goal is unrealistic.

When we see the neccesity to fulfilling purpose,reaching the achelon of greatness becomes inevitable. Life was born out of emptiness though the potentials we need were deposited in us but were not manisfested the very day we were born because they are recessive potentials that needs to be activated. We were simply born to born destiny.

Those who have reached destiny we know and have read about,didn’t just fulfill their destinies the very first day they were born but they actually saw the reason or the mandate upon their lives to do what no man has never done before or probably re-do what someone has done before in a unique way.

See yourself fulfilling destiny and you will see yourself doing it with ease. Take up the mandate of fulfilling your God given destiny.



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