Many people have been living with the ideology of ” if i can’t beat it,i can live with it”. This notion to a very large extent is very incorrect and unheard of. What you can’t beat will hunt you in the future. ”You can’t overcome what you don’t fight”. And if you live with it,it might hinder you on your way to success. Even if you eventually become successful,you might be entangled in the snare of the battle left unfight. Why not fight it now to ease your journey to success.

Every unfought battle is a trap fot the future. When a problem is solved,a loophole is closed. Such problem might not rise agian,even if it does,you are already familiar with it and will pose no treat to you because you already knew the mechanisms to use in tackling such problem.

Every problem you fail to fight today is compodium of greater problem tomorrow. Fight it now when its not complex. No matter how big a problem might be, the solution is always around the problem. The problem is that, we are scared of being stretched by such problem. The truth is, you are doing yourself more havoc if you don’t fight back now or left the problem half solved.

There is no battle without a war and there is no victory without a fight. Don’t try to live with problem that will cost you your life sooner or later. Just have the mindset that every battle you fight,you are sure to win. The problem might present itself as a gaint but remember there is a greater gaint in you. Let you survival instinct overshadow fear in you.

Fight when others are fighting because if you don’t fight now,you might end up fighting it alone when others are doing something tangible with their time, you will be there fighting the battle others fought long time ago. And if care is not taken, you might be beaten down not because you couldn’t fight but basically because you are the only one fight such problem.

Let me use this medium to let you know that, you can’t win battle you never fought and you can’t live with a problem you don’t have concrete idea about. If you do have atleast little idea about a problem,be sure that in no time, thetre is always a pragmatic solution. Fight it now, when you still can.




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