Everyman dream but few men attain their dreams. Those that attain their dreams get their inspirations from God,the giver of true wisdom and success. Why those who are unabke to accomplish their dreams failed because,

i. Probably they live life of luck
ii. They were contended with how they see life or how life treats them
iii. Probably they where over dependent on other people. ” The i have got a successful relations”.

Those who made it had opposite orientation to those mentioned above. They just have to be successful on a moral ground. They just knew if they fail, their lives becomes shamble,illusion and it will set their entire life backward. They are;

i. I must succeed because am on my own
ii. I must succeed because if i don’t my entire life will crumble leaving me to nothing to fall back on
iii. I must succeed because am not living a life of luck but a life of certainty. ” I work harder,i succeed; I don’t, i remain unsuccessful’.

The most difficult thing to achieve in life is success. Don’t let anyman born of woman or any demon from the pit or hell deceive you. No good success comes easily. The easiest route to success is hard work and God’s favour. Many successful people paid huge sacrifice to get to where they are today,it wasn’t a child’s play at all. Success is not by chance or what people referred to as luck, but success is defined as hard work. If you work, you are a step to succeeding. A clue to bring successful in life is gotten when the mind is set to work tiredlessly.

Management of one’s resources requires the acquisition of managerial skills and the acquisition of managerial skills requires work. If a man lack this skill, all the invested resources will not be effectively and efficiently used to attain the desired goals. This simply implies that whether one is directly involved int he pursuant of success or employs his or her resources, he or she needs to work hard to get the desired results.

Studying the lives of successful people has made me understand that, hardwork without God’s favour is vanity. Can a man be alive without the breath of life?,No!. God’s favour is like the breathe we breath. Have you forgotten what he (GOD) said in his word that “By strenght shall no man prevail”. We might apply all strenght we have in what we do, if we fail to seek God’s approval, our labour tends to be fruitless.

On this note, i want us to know that our success in life is not attainable if we are short of God’s divine favour. Our success is rest assured when we work hard and attarch importance to God’s direction and help.



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