NB: The bible references sited are from the Living Bible Translation.

After i have poured out my rains again, i will pour out my spirit upon all of you! Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your old men will dream dreams, and your young men see VISION. And i will pour out my spirit even on your slaves men and women alike.(joel 2:28&29).
In the last days,God said, i will pour out my holy spirit upon all mankind, and your sons and daughters shall prophesy and your young men shall see visions, and your old men dream dreams. (act 2:17).
For i will give you aboundant water for your thirst and for your parched fields. And i will pour out my spirit and my blessings on your children. (Is 44:3).
Their decendants shall be known and honoured among the nations; allshall realize that they are a people God has blessed. (Is 61:9).

Wow!,you might be wondering what is this all about? Or when did i become a preacher?,never mind but i want you to follow me and see the essence why we must be a VISION SEEKER and not a DREAMER. I was led to write this during one of the retreat i attended.

The power of vision. From the bible references sited above, you can see that God is much concerned about young people seeing vision and not a dreamer. Vision is the mechanism that propel one to attaining the God given desires or goals to be accomplished during his or her life time. This simply means that, if you say ” you have a goal or you are created for a purpose and you lack vision, such purpose(s) will not be known not to talk of fulfilling it. The truth is, one ends up living a wasted life.

The truth of the matter is, the actual time for you as a young man or woman to see vision is now and not when you are old. If you think you are too young to see vision or you are not qualified or you must be a prophet to see vision, you are only digging your own grave with your hand and before you know it you are too old to see what the the future holds for you and all you would be doing is dreaming wishing you could be this or that. But the question is, how can you dream dreams when you failed to visualize your old age at your youthful age?,lets answer this question ourselves.

Have you ever wondered why this country ” NIGERIA” is in shambles and mess?. The truth is ” many youths of then lost the power or the ability to see vision. They were dreaming dreams instead of seeing visions. The truth is, a young man or woman who was to see vision but dremt all his life, how do you expect such a person to when he is old. He will be sleepless. The fact is those in the affairs of this country ”NIGERIA” spent their youthful age dreaming instead of seeing vision. Now they are confused on how to make this country a better place for all. Don’t blame them at all because them being in the afairs of the nation was by chance and not a divine purpose.

Young men and women are suppost to be vision seeekers and not dream seekers. According to my pockect dictionary, vision is termed to be the ability to think about the future with immagination and wisdom. Its a mental image of what we hope to see or be in the future. Now you see the reason why we need to see vision and dream dreams?.

The power of vision. I congratulate you that has the ability to see vision. Vision is powerful and it is the only tool that can shape your future either right or wrong. Dream is just a mere shadow of one’s life. It is not real. Amere illusion. Let me shock you a bit. I might decide not to believe a dream but i can die because of vision. For a young man or woman, vision is real and unavoidable if truely we want to make impact in life. When you see vision,you are powerful. Vision is real because you are projecting into the future. Thank you.




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