As human we must act and think like one. I have come to realize that there is no point pretending everything is actually going on fine when it is far from it. One is not being pessimistic about the circumstances surrounding him or her rather one is actually trying to be realistic about everything happening around him or her. Those who are not realist end up finding out they were actually in a long dream all this while and before they knew it is rather too late for them. Facing the truth is the best price to becoming who you want to be in life.
Now the question is, those ideas that work for others, can it work for you? And can other people approach to life work for you?
This is a time we need to face the outright reality that everyone is got his or her own break even points in life. Over pressurizing oneself because others are making a head way is not the best and right approach to getting the best out of us. Yes as a human we are bound to be as anxious as we could be practically seeing that we are actually running out of time and space but it does not call for over burdening our mental capacity to think. When I say mental capacity to think, I mean when you mount unnecessary pressure on yourself, there is bound to be fatigue. The mind needs to be relaxed so that it can actually think right and be able to take the appropriate decisions needed at the moment.
When things are going on well, acknowledge it and if reverse are the case, act likewise. Don’t be fooled that thing are fine when you actually know they are not. The whole essence of reality is that, it makes you conscious of the state at which you are. Don’t get it mixed up, being motivated is very far from facing reality. You seem not to like that situation you find yourself, it’s now up to you to wake up to the fact that the situation must change for the better. When you realize the truth, then the motivation you need to correct the situation comes.
The major problem most of us have is that we don’t want to hear or face the truth. We don’t want criticism of any sort because we feel hurt when been told the truth.
A man who always wants to hear something that suits or favours him ends up waking up in the middle of a dream achieving nothing after many hours of excitement. Aruolinks
Dreams give hope only when it’s been acted upon. Vision is achieved when it is realistic enough. If you are not a realist, it’s not good enough in this part of the world we find ourselves. It is a reality that our government is doing nothing to make life worthwhile, it is a reality that our lecturers are nothing but a mere shaft but has subjected us to half baked graduates, it is a reality that, if you don’t work, there is no food for you, it is a reality that you can’t offer what you don’t have and it is a reality that you are already spending part of the life out of the total you ought to spend.
Wake up from your dream and face the reality that your life is your own making. And also remember, that life without God is a mirage.


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