Yesterday is gone and It’s no more relevant because the events of yesterday has contributed it own part to today’s outcome. I think the relevance of yesterday has gone with yesterday and tomorrow is not as relevant as today because today is the hope of tomorrow. Life ought to be a step by step thing.
Orison Swett Marden said and I quote
”when we are sure that we are on the right road there is no need to journey too far ahead. No need to burden ourselves with doubts and fears as to the obstacles that may bar our progress. We cannot take more than a step at a time”.
The anxiety of tomorrow is making us live in fear today. We can’t live at ease because our fear for tomorrow has preoccupied our mind and thought. Tomorrow will take absolute care of itself if only we pay keen attention to today’s events. The right step we take today goes a long way to make tomorrow successful. All am saying is, “Leave tomorrow for tomorrow”. You are not even the owner of tomorrow. Let the owner of tomorrow worry about tomorrow. All you have to do is worry about today because every new day is an opportunity to correct yesterday’s mistakes and plan for just tomorrow and not next.
The fact remains that, tomorrow is not your right but a mere privilege. Why not live right today? Live today the best right way you can live it and when you are privilege to witness tomorrow be rest assured that it will be fine. If you must plan for tomorrow, plan for today. Our desire is to have a better life after today but that can’t be feasible if we don’t live a better life today. There are many issues to attend to today. Attend to the best way you can. They are meant for today and not tomorrow. If you can’t attend to all the issues today, if you are privilege to see tomorrow, you can always take off from where you stopped.
Pay close attention to what today needs to tell you and not what the wind whispers into your ears about tomorrow. Fear about tomorrow is nothing but a sign that you are far from making impact. Tomorrow never exist if we neglect today’s matters unsolved. Issues not attended to today makes tomorrow a mere dream. Many persons create or compound problem for tomorrow because they fail to take the right step one at a time today. The present should be our major concern. If we must love, let’s love today, if we must share, let’s share today, if we must read, let’s read today, if we must plan, let’s plan today because without today, tomorrow is not certain.
Let the maker (GOD) of the days worry about tomorrow. He has given us today to worry about but never forget that, he is there with us today to help us plan well for tomorrow. You are not alone.



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