This intriguing question I guess is running through the minds of at least half of whosoever comes across this article. Standing a chance is reality of results of effort towards getting something no matter how competitive it is. The chance is meant for all who is qualified to be in the situation at that point. The only difference is our commitment to actually winning the chance to ourselves. The fact still remains that one way or the other are competing for one particular thing. My interview to getting a job is a clear cut of what I am talking about. For a single position we have over forty people vying for it, the next thing that runs through the mind is “What is my chance to getting this offer?”
Peradventure you find yourself in an unforeseen circumstances just like every other five person with just a(limited) solution, what runs through the mind is “ What is my chance of getting this solution?” knowing well that it can’t be shared with any other person. One solution for one problem but in this case we just have just one route that can only be taken by one person alone. What then can you do when you find yourself in this kind of situation?
Don’t get pissed off yet because am just trying to be realistic about the subject matter. Prove me wrong if life is not competitive. Not until we realize and accept that life is all about competition. Yes it is, yet many people still finds it hard to blend into what it takes to be actually heated and not give in. Gosh! It’s so pathetic when I remember that in life nothing comes easily whenever I find myself within the and among people who strive for the same thing am fighting for. God knows many of us don’t like this type of life or circumstances but then what can we do about it?
Really there are a lot we can do about it. Firstly, we must accept that life is all about competition secondly know that if we must purify gold it must be heated and thereafter get the sparkling out of it. Invariably, we are just like unrefined element called gold. We must know that for us to shine bright as we expects, we must be ready to get heated, that brings out the result of those who really want to stand a chance. If we must stand the chance of becoming who we really want to be, we must be prepared to face the challenges it brings and not only that strive to win these challenges.
“Life goes beyond mere merriment but it is a call for duty, challenge and responsibility”. Aruolinks
What is my chance? Your chances is always 100% guaranteed only on two conditions which are; Putting your hope in God and Self development coupled with all round alertness. The greatest challenge of life is always experienced by those who realized earlier that life is not a bed of roses. Life is about the survival of the fittest. We can only stand a chance when we just accept that the only option is God. God or nothing! Also remember the saying that goes thus that “Heavens helps those who help themselves”. This statement is not just a mere saying. It is just the simple truth that many people finds hard to accept.
Let’s concentrate on the aspect of self development. If I must get a job as an accountant, I must first realize that there are 1001 accountants looking for the same job. This simply means that I must be sound in what I claim I claimed I am. Experience has thought me that. You find yourself in a fashion exhibition; your style must be at least of the quality expected of you.
“The fact is that, you can’t give better than what you have got upstairs. It is what you have you offer. Mind you, you can’t offer what you don’t have”. Aruolinks
We just have to be mentally prepared to face life the way it is. Most especially in this part of the world (Africa). The mistakes many of us make is spending time reading foreign books about financial breakthrough, how to thrive businesswise and many other books that conforms to the workings of the environment the author actually came from, forgetting that our environment is different out rightly from the author’s. Some of us go as far as applying these principles in our daily lives and yet there is not feasible change about our whole life. Isn’t it crazy? Am not saying these principles don’t work, they do but in the most acceptable working environment. The fact is “our environment is not friendly to most of what we read in this foreign books or articles. We just have to wake up to the reality that we must fine tune ourselves to the workings of our own environment. Please don’t be discouraged about foreign books; there are millions of ideas in them for self development. What I am saying is that wake up from slumber to the reality of your own environment.
After accepting that you have a lot of competitors and also that you are neither the only one that pray nor the only one that carry the acclaimed God’s grace. You must devote time into self empowerment and development. That is just the sure bet to survive the harsh economy and environment we find ourselves. Don’t get yourself deceived about people saying that it was only God’s grace that placed them where they are. Accept the fact that God’s grace is available to all who are ready to key into it. These guys worked hard too. God is not a magician that we make grace available for someone who has done nothing to help his or herself. I am not forcing you to accept this fact but it is just the hard fact. God’s grace is upon those who have played their own part.
Playing your part in the sense that you must be good at what you claim you are. If we must stand a chance, we must know who we are and what we can offer.
“Don’t be too excessive, don’t be too all knowing. If you are too all knowing, you know nothing because you only end up appearing like a fool”. Aruolinks
We all have our breakeven point in life. Before a firm can be said to have been successful, such firm must have breakeven. So it is applicable to every hardworking individual. Hard work and God is what is required to breakeven. Faith without work they say is dead. If you don’t believe that yet, then you are far from standing a chance among you fellow competitors.
If you must stand a chance, you not must not rely solely on other people’s strive or labour. What you don’t labour for doesn’t last long. What we get on platter of gold most times is not always durable. If you must worth it and attract respect, you must work it out with your sweat and totally hope in God and not mere mortals.
My conclusion is I, you and we stand the chance among our competitors if only our lives are equal to hard work plus Self Believe plus self actualization minus self demoralization plus God.
No matter what, let us always have the spirit of hard work, self believe, self actualization and well built faith and hope in God on daily basis and never ever allow self demoralization in all we do. Reflect on these things.

Aruoture Shadrach Ogagaoghene
a.k.a aruolinks


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