Any man or nation that will go far to succeeding must firstly put aside every act of sentiment. I will hit hard on the church because that where I belong and I stand to fight to correct things I think are not going on well. I stand to state if things will be better in this country; Christians need to be real born again. Starting from our so called Pastors down to the smallest in the Christendom. It pissed me off when I see Christians act selfishly in the church. They are only concerned about themselves. A Christians will give you conditions before he or she can offer to help you.
All blame to the government of this country for allowing some nonsense to happen in this country. I wish I have the power to influence the government to restrict Pastors from contesting elections or to be actively involved in politics because these people are bringing shame to the name of Jesus. Jesus examples are not being followed at all. God I don’t want to be a pastor if I will end up being a politician and I don’t want to be a politician if am destined to be a pastor. Thank God I am neither of the two.
Leadership positions in church has been politicized. In those days, all I know is that God calls people but today, people are the ones calling God and dictating to him. Christians! Are we Christ like at all? If yes why all the sentiments? Why do we give reference to a section or members of the church than the others? We have so much ridiculed some members of the church because they can’t afford the kind of life we live. I thought the house of God is meant for both oily and dried heads. The oily headed ones will affect the dried headed ones but today what we see is alarming. Your brother in Christ is falling and all you could do is call him a sinner. For mere judging, you are a sinner.
These days when a Christians talks, you begin to wonder if this is a true child of God. Jesus! We speak as if we are God. Our word are suppose to draw people to Christ not chase them away. Oh! I see absolute power corrupt absolutely. It is not your fault. You failed to realize that position you are occupying can be withdrawn anytime. LEARN FROM YOUR BROTHER KING SAUL. Why are you so filled with pride and arrogance? You have become king Xerxis of 300 that needs to be worshipped. Everyone who will approach you must crawl on their knees.
I must say the saying “All men are born equal” has long been defaulted in the church of God. All reason had been that sentiment has eaten up the mind of all of us. In this country men are not born equally at all and the church is far from upholding the truth. How will the church savage the matter when she has embraced the epidemic itself? God the church needs help. Come deliver us. Sharing testimony in church is now a crime, if you do; be ready to struggle all your life. The next thing you hear is, “NA ONLY YOU DEY THIS CHURCH?” The poor envy the rich, the rich gets angry when the poor is rising.
If you are looking for where to get ungodly acts, come to the church. We the youth are just nailing Jesus to the cross on daily basis. Worldly dances, songs and slangs in the house of God. What a generation of Christian youths. Youths today laugh each other today in church. God we need your intervention. When we gather together, the next thing that runs through our heart is to get that lady’s attention and start discussing trash.
Are we really born again?
a.k.a aruolinks



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