I think there is no way you won’t create enemies for yourself if you must become great in life. There are some steps you will take that will actually make you an enemy with some person. Peradventure before now you have been considering some persons before you take some vital decisions of your life just because either you are too emotionally attached to them or you so much attach much importance to them to play a role you feel no one else can play in your to bring about the greatness you desire in life. There is always a thousand and one people who can make your greatness feasible.
If you must know the truth, the moment you decide to take a step that will better the entire life of yours and someone out there decide to take up grudge against you, never to worry. Just know that the person has actually done the most he or she can do towards enhancing who you really ought to be in life. He or She has nothing left to offer you. Don’t be skeptical about it, that decision might be the one that can make your dream come true. You don’t need to see yourself as been rebellious or disobedient if what you are about to do will not take other person’s life or hurt other people negatively.
Your happiness and greatness in life should be your greatest priority. That is the truth. Any friend or relations who tend not to be happy with the decision you are about to make that will make a huge difference in your life positively is your greatest enemy. It might not work for them doesn’t mean it won’t work for you. Don’t forget, everything about life is risk. If you are afraid to take risk, then be afraid to be great. Spend your last penny on getting the best education even if you appear to others as the most stupid of all. What matter most is the result you aim towards to achieve.
It is not a most to keep everyone in your life. As we grow, many people won’t grow with us. Some people must not grow with us because many of them will and can never key into your visions. Why worry over someone whose ideology and believe system is very different from yours? Why should you worry over someone who can’t help you achieve the greatest goal of your life? Why do you worry yourself over someone who always wants you be or act like him or her? This and many more questions I will like to ask.
If you can’t run with my vision, I will discard you because that exactly what I will do. I don’t care how you take it or understands it. If you are in my shoes, do same to me. You just want to be great isn’t it? Then pursue greatness, even if it means making everyone your enemy. The fact still remains that everyone can’ and will never be your enemy but there is and will always be a room for replacement. It is not a crime to replace people in your life. Your vision must not die.
We are living for a purpose and the purpose must be achieved. All we need do is run with those who can understand these purposes. Discard every enemies of your vision. Even if you don’t want to make enemy with them, be rest assured that they will make you their enemy. Create that enemy now or regret ever keeping your enemies as friends in the future. Remember your greatness is your priority. Anything outside this is your greatest enemy. aruolinks


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