A pivotal question will be asked at the end of this short piece, it is up to you to decide which you will go for. Don’t forget, life is all about choice. Often times we hear read and talk about success. We all want to be successful person in life and we devote our time pursuing success as it ought to be and we tend to do all things right to make our dream of becoming successful realistic. Yes! It is a good path to tread in life. We have chosen to be successful in life but the truth must be told about being a successful fellow in life for real.
This topic might sound awkward or insane but I am of the opinion that it sounds more meaningful to those who really want success. We struggle to be successful because we pursue success while we shouldn’t. We spend more time craving for success while we ought to be spending time on something more relevant than the subject matter “SUCCESS”. So funny and unbelievable that that there is something more relevant than success? If you already know where am heading to, please kindly stop reading and do something more result oriented with your precious time.
Do you agree with me that spending much time trying to be successful amounts to waste of time and resources? I know you are still wondering the trash am talking about. Those who eager to be successful at all cost but yet are not successful, this is for you. The more you try to be successful the tougher it becomes for you, have you tried being “VALUED?” Those who pursue success most times ends up becoming unsuccessful not because they don’t have goals or the required skills to be successful or because they don’t have visions, but they end up not successful because they are actually trying to open the door of success with the wrong key. Attitude and being valued goes a long way to making our dreams come true.
What is value? What is being “VALUED”? If we know how good to be valued is, am very sure that we are not far from actually being successful. Value simple means;
“The importance or usefulness of something” and being Valued means;
“Knowing your usefulness and importance to others”.
The point is, those who knows their self worth and are also valued by others, don’t struggle to succeed. Don’t also forget that, you can’t offer what you don’t have.
“Your value in life determines your speed to becoming successful in life” aruolinks
Those who pursue success ends up making the loudest noise but only a valued self placed person actually ends up becoming successful. An empty vessel makes the loudest noise but those who spends time pursuing being valued has all the world needs to become successful. Placing value on one self simply means working on one self to offer something that the world at large really needs. “Bill Gate is a good example of someone who pursued being valued rather than success and today he is the most successful man on earth today”. Those who chose to be valued over being successful are LOADED VESSELS.
Conclusively, when you place value on yourself by empowering and impacting yourself with what others finds so unappealing, you are good to go. Do you really know that people spends money, time, materials and other resources on something that is important to them? Why not make yourself important to people. Success pursues a man who is valued and not the other way round.
“The secret of success is to know something nobody else knows” Aristotle Onassis.
This simply means that, rather than wasting time begging to be successful, the time can be invested in something unusual that will add value to your life. The whole essence of these is that, add value to yourself and make the world see reasons why they can’t do without you. “KEEP STEADILY BEFORE YOU THE FACT THAT ALL TRUE SUCCESS DEPENDS AT LAST UPON YOURSELF”. Theodore T. Hunger.
Aruoture Ogagaoghene Shadrach


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