Diligence; A pain to desired outcome. You might be wondering why this caption? The fact is, there is no diligence without a sacrifice. One might possess everything required to lead and live the best life he or she desires but might end up not getting it because of lack of diligence. One of the basic factors needed by any individual who drive or pursue greatness is diligence.
A man might be all spiritual, might be conversant with the scripture even more than the devil himself, the fact is, all these will amount to nothing if perseverance is out of the picture. To persevere, we must be determined. In the service to God, be diligent. A diligent man is who God blesses. God reckons with people who are diligent to his services, who are determined to promote his kingdom without the fear of been persecuted. That is the work of perseverance. When a man is diligent in his service to God, he should be rest assured, that God will be diligent in blessing him.
There is a huge gap, between “WISH and DEMAND”.  Those that are conversant with the theory of demand might tend to understand it more. Now relating this to diligence. According to Oxford Dictionary, “DILIGENCE IS CONSCIENTIOUSNESS OR DETERMINATION OR PERSEVERANCE when doing something”. Wishes becomes demands when it’s backed up by the power of determination. You can’t win unless you are determined to win, you can’t get the best of life without determination. If you must be a winner or get the best out of life, you must be determined to persevere.
Battle fought half way is never a battle won. You must be determined to win. (i.e Fight to the end). Battle fought half way is a battle lost. You enemies will definitely regroup and launch a deadly attack which might ground your entire moral and hard earned previous victories. IF YOU MUST FIGHT, FIGHT WITH DETERMINATION TO WIN, ENDURE THE PAINS ENCOUNTERED IN THE COURSE OF FIGHTING AND BE DETERMINED TO TRIUMPH.
Diligence makes a man grows beyond the ordinary. Those who are diligent are not ordinary people. You might be running a business and the return or proceeds might not be what you bargained for, you don’t need to loss the battle to profit loss rather be determined to reach a net profit. The key to a good success is DILIGENCE. No wonder the scripture said “SEEYETH A MAN DILIGENT IN HIS WORK, HE SHALL SIT AMONG KINGS AND NOBLE PEOPLE AND NOT ORDINARY MEN”. If you must be addressed or reckoned with as a king or queen, you must be devoted or diligent to whatever you are doing.
Diligence, determination and perseverance are inseparable entities. They go side by side. The father of all is diligence. This is because it makes you determined and when you are determined, then you can persevere. A diligent mind is where success resides. A diligent mind is the home of great ideas. A diligent mind is where inspirations are conceived. The truth is, the more diligent you are, the more extraordinary you become in life. How diligent can you be?


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