God has already disappointed the predictors of Nigeria’s disintegration. Now Nigerians are wise enough to advert false prophesy and assumption. We don’t need U.S special marines on our soil.

Special plea to the Niger Deltans. We made history even if its not been appreciated now, it will definitely be appreciated on the long run. I am proud to be a Deltan to the core. We stood by him,we voted en mass for him, indeed we are loyal fellas.

Political terrine has changed in Nigeria. GEJ gave us a free and fair election, I will never forget freedom of expression you gave Nigerians, freedom of association you gave your political associates. Indeed you are a true and God fearing leader.

You never ruled for 8 years but you gave what no president as given us. Despite sabotage and crisis experienced by your tenure, you stood tall.

Now this is the conclusion of the matter, let stop all hate and mockery speeches for now. Let’s cub violence at all cost. Lets avoid post election declaration. No life is worth loosing at this point. Argument should be avoided at all cost. Lets accept the results and move ahead.




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