In a relationship, love grows as a result of misunderstanding and misconception of ideas. But it doesn’t necessarily mean we should always have issues over everything. If we must love, let’s love because God wants us to love, let’s love because no other person can love that spouse of ours the way we do. Love passionately. True love endures, True love; loves with truth, it doesn’t lie. If you love me, tell me the truth I need to know, if I don’t appreciate it now; I will definitely value it later if not too late. Love is the greatest gift any man can offer his or her fellow man. Choose to love no matter how much it will cost me because it’s the greatest gift I can offer.

For you who think love grows overnight, No it doesn’t work that way. Love accommodates pain until it matured into what it is desired to grow into.
“True love doesn’t happen right away; it’s an ever-growing process. It develops after you’ve gone through many ups and downs, when you’ve suffered together, cried together, laughed together.” – Ricardo Montalba
Allow you to love and be loved. Love is a life process and the only one way to love genuinely and be loved is to firstly love who you really are. You can’t say you love when you don’t love who you are or you can’t expect love from other people when you are not happy with who or what you are. I can only succeed loving your person if and only if I feel the love flow from within you. Happy people are loved by happy people who come in contact with them.

The fact about love can only be understood by those whose mind is still very much intact. I mean a mind that is free from hatred or bitterness. A man jilted you doesn’t mean that is the end of the world for you. It pains me a lot when I see transfer aggression to innocent people because of their past experiences. One thing I will like to apply in this scenario is this, life is like a pattern, we tend to puzzle it very long before we can actually get the right pattern. We dabble in and out until we get the real picture of what we desire. The same can be applied to relationship matters. What seems to be the right partner for you might eventually not be the desired partner in the course of the relationship. believe me, he or she left you not because you are not good to be loved but because the right peg for the square hole is somewhere waiting to put the smile you desire on your face only if and if you open your heart for others to step in.

Peradventure you are considering the fact that some person went into a relationship just once and that just led them to the alter without any heartbreak but here you are experiencing series of heartbreak upon heartbreak, the question is, how will you handle such situation in your marriage if eventually your come across hitches in your marriage? Your experience comes into play. Those who ended up at the altar at their first date most times regret their marriage. Not because their said partner is not good but because this said partner was not meant for them. A shoe that is not your size no matter how beautiful it is will give you problem if forced on.  So look for your size, buy, wear and save yourself future regret. 

Another issue I will not fail to mention is the issue of you loving someone who doesn’t love you. Loving someone who doesn’t love you doesn’t mean you should stop loving them. Two things might results at the end. It is either they love you back or never loves you. If they don’t love you, they are not meant for you or you are meant for them. Worrying over issues like that is uncalled for. Love endures but the truth many of us aren’t patient enough to the see the outcome of our commitment to someone who don’t see or feel or reciprocate the love we show them from time to time.

Its amazes me that it is those who has the heart that truly loves get hurt the most. Why do people take lies to be true love? Why do people tend to be unserious with the heart that is very serious? Why is it that people put sentiment before love? I am just wondering if we are really practicing the kind of love God wants from us to those we claim we love. Many questions I love to ask but the few ones I have asked I don’t have answers to them yet. Is love real? How do we fall in love for real? I really don’t know what it means to fall in love.
A heart that truly loves is the heart that protects. Love is not when you ask if I have eaten, bath, healthy or not but when you make the best out of me. How true do you love yourself?
A friend of mine said you can’t love another when you don’t love yourself. When you don’t know what it means to be hurt, why won’t you hurt another? It is easy to say I love you than to practicalize it. Love goes beyond confession; love goes beyond seeing each other. Love is carrying one another in the heart. Love is not self centered. Love frowns at lies. Love speaks well of another. Love is patient. Love is kind. Love is gentle. Love is God.

It is a mystery how we come about true love. In those days, you never need to hang around by the road side before demonstrating love. But today the so called love is sold by the road side. Can that be love? Love respect, Love understands. Love is fun. Love is light because no heavy heart can truly love.





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