Whisper it to the air and let it travel far and wide that a living legend full of grace and compassion though tagged to be weakness, stood and uphold the banner of one united Nigeria by practicing a true democracy without interference.

He was battered but never got bittered. He was tried but didn’t fail. He was brutalized in all aspect but never gave up. He stood among men and gave the extraordinary. A visionary in all ramifications. He remained a sheep among wolves. A legacy hard for any man like him he set.

He didn’t break, he didn’t burn and he never gave up the fight to give peaceful coexistence.
I rate him far better than any living legend. A man who believes in dialogue rather than war. The world meekest president so far i have known in the history of mankind.

In the midst of confusion, he remained focused. In the midst of trials and temptations he never gave in. He fought and won. What a hero? I am very optimistic that sooner or later, the world will ring the bell that “they have never seen a man like him”.

PRESIDENT GOODLUCK EBELE JONATHAN my hero. I live to follow your legacy. I ask God to give me the grace to be humble and tolerant like you and give out the best i can even when its not favouring me. You JONATHAN INDEED and I hope and believe My own president General Muhammadu Buhari will be the desired David that will defeat the Goliaths of my beloved country Nigeria.

GEJ thank you sir for the freedom of speech, expression and association. Your generation yet unborn will be celebrated just as you have allowed our democracy to triumph despite the unprecedented assertions, assumptions and prophesies that Nigeria will cease to exist come 2015.

I will not fail to acknowledge my Prof. Integrity. Prof. Jega. Despite the pressure from all angles, you held your stand and supported the vision of my hero to give us free and fair transition of government. I celebrate you sir.

General Muhammudu Buhari. You have the chance to prove to the world that indeed you are a man of great visions and integrity. You have suffered too long not to give us the change we desire. I am hopeful that at the end of your administration, I would have been gainfully employed, married and living a comfortable life.

Nigerians are looking up to God through you. You have made degrees of promises. I will not be beclouded by foolishness to say its going to be easy but I pray that the almighty God will give you the grace to make Nigeria a better place for all either Christians, Muslims, Pagans, black, white, old, young and the likes. Amen.

Once again GEJ, you are my hero.




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