If you must know the truth, call it whatever you like, Nigeria as a country is not a united entity. She is long divided. If I am in Lagos that is in Nigeria and I don’t have the right like every other Nigerians born Lagosians, tell me why are we called Nigerians?
It is of no use. If we clamoured for change and its finally came and the next option is now telling people to evacuate a particular region all in the name of tribal hatred and
religious or ethnic intolerance then i presume we all should be preparing to disintegrate in no time.

There is no point deceiving ourselves we are one nation.The same path tolled by the Oba of Lagos has been followed by some younger ones who I expected to think above the ruling class illiterates we have as elders who never believed in one Nigeria all their lives.
Traditional institutions is suppose to serve as a bridge between different nationalities they govern whether indigene or non-indigene. They are suppose to be an institution of peace and not war or a medium to preach hatred and violence.

I feel so sad and very bittered because the spirit of one Nigeria preached our heroes past is gradually crumbling and we are not doing anything about it. Is Nigeria a nation
or what? There is fire on the mountain and no one seems to be on the run. The river is already overflowing and it seems we have nowhere to turn to. We must find away of putting out the fire before the whole house is burnt to ashes. We have to live as one if we are truly a Nigeria. Righteousness exalt a nation but sin is a reproach unto it. I must confess, Nigeria is sitting on edge of a gun powder, something must be done to avert or
prevent its from exploding. Let love tolerate and accommodate one another, by so doing; the labour of our heroes past will never be in vain.



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