I am just grateful to God for the boldness to take some decisions that appears so stupid to those who don’t know what it means to hear the still voice when it speaks to them.

Though some steps you plan taking might appear to you as if you are about to make the greatest blunder of your life but if you don’t allow the fear of being mocked to set in, God knows that you will smile at last.

An object will not move in million years except something or someone moves it. Such is the life of everyman. No progress in life until we push for it. Its a simple plain English everyone needs to understand. Money won’t come unless we work for it. Work little and let the force of life bring the needed money to you. If you fail to work at all, then be rest assured that the force of life has nothing to act on to bless you and make your way prosperous.

To be great in life requires just two things and this is “Action coupled with Integrity”.

As regard action, don’t mind what people says about you. If your action will make you, GOOD! If it will mar you, GOOD! The point is you have taken the action. Many of us are so worried about what people say about us which to me is not a good thing to think about. My question to you is this, how many of these people are ready or willing to make you who God wants to make you? How many of these people are willing to give back what you have actually given out? These are questions I need you to ask yourself. If its negative, why bother about what people who don’t matter say about you if you want to be successful. Life is practical and i urge you to be practical with your decisions.

If you are scared of taking a decision, then be ready to remain stagnant like a lake of water that has nowhere it flows to. Decisions are keys to forward movement in life. If you don’t take the decision, nobody will take it for you. Life is all about decision making and risk. If you don’t take risk, God knows you can’t move forward in life.

Integrity also plays a huge role on how successful we can be in life. Rather than pay attention to what people say about your decisions, why not pay attention to your integrity? Action and integrity will speak for a man who has the courage to stand his ground no matter what may be.

If you must win a race, you must be bold to kick start the race.




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