Let’s go straight to the point. To everything under the sun there is a purpose. To every man born,there is a purpose. Many persons have lived either a short or long life and yet made a formidable impact in their generations and generations yet unborn.

A life of purpose;smiling in Death.

This topic came to my mind on a certain afternoon when I was actually pondering on what exactly I have achieved for over thirty years of my life. I actually felt bad that I wasn’t able to boast for material things like; good clothes, shoes, house of my own, cars, money and other material things of life. Then I began to wonder, if I really do have a purpose?

Don’t be mad at me, you have heard these things million times without numbers but refreshing our minds back to the fact that a successful man or person is not known by the material things he or she acquired in life and after life but the numbers of lives that has actually smiled through him or her. Today, many of us attribute a life of purpose to those things that are vanity. The money in our bank accounts or cash at our disposals. Those are not characteristics of a purpose driven life. I know you know that.

Now, what is the correlation between purpose and death. A day old baby is born for a purpose,a twenty, fifty, seventy and even hundred years old fellow are all created for a purpose. I know you know that too. But do you know a ten years old child can live a fulfilled life than a hundred years old man?

It doesn’t matter at what age we die or what age we achieved a specific purpose but what matters most is we “DIE SMILING”. Only on one account will a man die smiling and that is when he has fully made a formidable impact in life whether at thirty, fifty or hundred years of age. When we say we have lived a life of purpose, it simply means, we knew our purpose of existent, and really worked hard to making the best out of the opportunity of the short life we where giving to live.

“A man can die at the age of thirty smiling and a man can die at hundred going to his grave in furry and great anger”aruolinks

When we talk about purpose, it can be “positive or negative”. These factors determines whether a man goes to his grave happy or regretting.

Spiritual approach to this vital topic is not a bad idea but far from it from the writer’s perspective. You can die a religious fellow and still end up wailing on your way to heaven, you can die as a pagan and still end up wailing on your way to hell(double lamentation). The thing is this, as a human if you die unfulfilled, there is no way, you will be happy in your grave because even your generations unborn will curse you.

Take a look at great men who impact our lives today. Most of them we really don’t know but we read about them. The great formula “Almighty Formula” was the achievement of somebody,the planes and jet we fly today was the handwork of someone, the light and bulb we enjoy today was the handwork of some persons, the idea of putting words into writing was actually the idea of someone, building our house with ceramic was someone’s achievement and many more. These people died smiling and fulfilled. Those are positive achievements.

We have others who made a formidable impacts but in the negative way but humans came up with the idea that, good and evil where made to make the world a balanced place. What a lie! Those who brought the idea of bombs, guns and the rest will be where they are lamenting they wished they channelled all their resources making positive researches. But the fact is they had a purpose which they achieved and many generations yet unborn are cursing them even in their graves.

This is where I am actually going to. It doesn’t matter at what age we achieve our purpose in life but what matters most is dying knowing well that we made the positive impact in life. The question is “what is your purpose?”

When the purpose of a thing is not known, abuse they say is inevitable. Any man who doesn’t know the purpose for his life will abuse it. It’s either he does something negative that will cause everlasting torture, or not achieve anything which makes him a living dead or achieve something that warrants everlasting joy while in Death. If you die not being remembered for one tangible positive thing, you have lived a wasted life.

For us to live a purposeful life, we must know and understand our purpose and that is the only way we can attain that status of “SMILING IN DEATH”.

Reflect on these.


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