The primary purpose why man is created and bestowed with the opportunity to live is to reference God who is the supreme being. Any man who deviates from this sole duty is not worth living.

God gave us life to give back. to him in return. One way to return our life back to him is to devote ourselves in total worship of his name. One thing only moves the hands of God and that is absolute worship and praise.

Battles where won, victories where attained as a result of intense worship and Praise. Up till now, worship and Praise still works wonders. God as inspired people to create an atmosphere of worship and Praise.

All the worshipper in us wants to be free. Worship is not for only the strong but for all who are made and born irrespective of their status and background. In other words, worshipping the most high is the sole responsibility of all man kind.

Even in good and bad times, God is still God. And because he is still God in all circumstances,we must reference him.

Worshipspiration is a program set to create an atmosphere to reference God in his beauty of his holiness. It is all about worship,worship and worship.

God must be extolled at all cost…Amen… aruolinks


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