Is this the Change?

The change is changing things. Those who chanted “Change” are gradually loosing their voices.

The Change within ten months have established much hatred in the heart of many Nigerians, it has introduced preaching bill that limit evangelism and spreading of the gospel(No thanks to the pastors who brainwashed their members to vote in satanic agenda when it’s so obvious).

The so called change has made Nigeria go ten times backward in terms of economy. Many businesses are winding up which has led to millions of people being re trenched. The change that promised jobs brought about more unemployment and under employment.

The change has drastically made our naira useless. The purchasing power of the naira is too weak to even buy a paint of Garri. Every basic necessities to live a worthy life has sky rocketed that most people now retire to 0-1-0, 0-0-1 formula for survival. Is this the change?

Before the change mantra in 2015, there was Boko Haram. It was as though, the transformation government then was the master minder of the insurgency. Yes! Most Nigerians were tired of the then government not knowing that the worst is yet to come. The change gave the “Fulanis” voice and backings which led to double wahala for dead body. “No thanks to those we looked up to that brainwashed Nigerians to vote for this frustrating Government”.

Ok, the change is changing things negatively and some persons are saying we should be patient. Yes we are patient after all change doesn’t come over night. The question is, is there change in sight when the “change agents” don’t even know what they want to change?

How much longer should we wait for the change to come? Hmmmm, what a pity? Can a man who is not changed effect any change?

At this end,i am sorry to say I have no sympathy for what the Christian community is suffering at the moment because it’s a self inflicted pain and our Christian leaders should be held responsible for all that is happening to the flocks.

GEJ was not a good man to go for second term,yes that’s the truth but PMB was never the best alternative either.

When you see a clueless man, you will know but everything he does, he does as though they were programmed in his medulla. Nigeria is just too complex for experiment. The present administration is only experimenting, they are yet to have the blue print of their fake change.

2019 by God’s grace is another opportunity to correct the mistakes if Nigeria remains Nigeria. It’s not about party,but about individual who understand what change really his.



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