They aren’t Bad

​Listen up!

When I was growing up, I heard so many people I looked up to. I walked with them though they were far older than me. They were my mentor in short my confidence.
I had a very unhappy childhood experience but these guys(bros and sists.) gave me sense of belonging. They instilled some great quality of virtues in me of which some of it are what am living on.
But I learnt a great deal of lessons as I was becoming a man. Every little child has the tendencies to be loved by all, nurtured by many folks but it is not always like that as time goes by.
Those I once looked up to, left me not because they are bad people but I feel the situation surrounding them was too prevailing to have extra burden attached to the one they had then. If the situation surrounding them then was ideal, they would have carried me along but no, life is not always rosy as it were.
Get this straight, at every phase of life, we are loved and cared for by different people. Once that phase is gone and we slide into another phase, there is every possibilities that new set of people step into the scenario to continue where the old one stopped. It doesn’t make them bad people.
As a sensible and reasonable humans, we should be able to convert every little things we have learnt from these people we looked up to before their exit from our lives into something advantagous that won’t warrant any form of regret.

If nature permits, we all meet sometimes again in the future. Anyone who comes back in the future are tied to our destiny and those who never did have actually completed their assignment in out lives.
I stand to be corrected, everyone we come across in life have one or two role to play in our lives,either positive or negative role and when they are done, they take their leave.
I am aruolinks


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