This is 2017, it’s a new year. A year we have not experienced before since the creation of the universe. This is a new start, an opportunity to begin on a new slate, a year to write off the past and focus more on the future. Indeed, it’s a very big chance to commence afresh on a positive note.
In 2016, many of us spoke words that are not ours and acted other people’s scripts abandoning our own scripts. Many lives were directed in accordance to strange stories written by strange authors. What a year? And this in turn affected many lives negatively.
As we speak, new year’s resolutions are flipping in from different angles but the truth is that most of these resolutions aren’t ours but pirated ones and this has hampered the desire to make a positive progress in previous years. Those who are successful in the past, never built on other people’s words or resolutions. They wrote their own scripts in their own words and in best way they could understand them,not following the direction of other people’s story line.
This is a good opportunity to sit and write a story line that suits or conforms to your life and pattern. The greatest mistake anyone can make in this new year(2017) is to pattern his/her life in the pattern that is alien to his/hers. 
In 2017, speak and act your own words. Never be a copy cat, in short let others copy you. Make friends that will aid your success and not the ones that will prey on your success. Have the right mentality and channel your mind towards things that are positive and not negative.
Remember, it’s your life and not another person’s life. Never live a fake life in 2017. Let integrity and truthfulness be your watch word. Just create and follow your own story line and be rest assured, the year will be worthwhile. And never leave God out of it either.
Once again happy new year!


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