Incapacitated Nigeria

​It all started in 2003 when I suddenly got interested in writing articles, shortly I got interested in writing columns at Local Government department of Obafemi Awolowo University, Osun state and recommendations were made even though I understood little of what I was writing about then.
In 2006, my attention turned towards African politics especially Nigerian Politics. I became interested in why, what and who could make Nigerian politics deteriorate to the state it was then. All thanks to Dr. Adewale(My African Political system Lecturer) and Prof. Mrs. Badejo (My Nigeria Political system/internal politics lecturer). 
Coupled with the verse knowledge of both African and Internal politics, I included spirituality to a level and economics to the afore mentioned. I could predict the next line of action of any existing government at the moment. But the sad thing is that, people still believes that people like us are just too a baby to know what exactly we are talking about.(We here means those of us who knows more than those who thinks they know).
You will agree with me that there have been complains on one government to another, the reason is not far fetched. We have been having government spare headed by some mediocres. People who don’t understands politicking and economies in their real sense. An average African leaders aimed at gulping the nation’s wealth into his or her personal pocket. Leadership goes beyond making decrees or passing bills into laws. A good leader amass wealth for the nation and not his pocket and its entire household. How many of them really knows these?
If a nation must thrive to succeed, its leaders must be aquinted with internal and international economics, internal and international political relations and again must be a moralist and not some sorts of religious/ethnical bigot.
Nigeria’s government is too expensive to operate. We have the office of the president and vice, the office of governors and deputy governors, the seniors(upper and lower chambers respectively) and all this offices have special advisers that have their own advisers who advice them on how to advice. Which economy will do well when its spents huge amount on running the kind of government we run in Nigeria. If you must know the truth, for Nigeria to become great again, we should cut down expenses on governance and also make all these position less attractive to bar thieves and looters from government.
To be continued………


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