In the midst of so many cultures she was called out. Everyone joyed because it was assumed that there is liberty and freedom from the era of slavery and colonialism. The entire nation rant into jubilation as expected when a new child is born. It is an era of new beginning. Hope born and aspiration grows higher and brighter from dusk till dawn. An era of prosperity and self-actualization as a nation. Oct 1st, 1960 she got her independence.

A lot was actually good and people where all happy because we all are now free born. Little did we know that we know nothing when it comes to administration and management of a process. Oh God! It turned sour sometimes in 1966. If the white men had known, probably they would take time to instill the virtue of true leadership in us. Really, the whites ripped us off so many things, yet they were more civilized in an uncivilized era probably in this part of the world then. I wouldn’t know because I was never born then.

What on earth went wrong? Where did we miss it? The once celebrated freedom is now turned into moment of sorrow. Nigeria is now a country imagined. This was how it used to be, that was how it was been done, this is how we ought to do it….bla blab la. The same things that once bind us as one big happy nation is tearing us apart. Everything seems not to be working the way it used to be. The love that existed before and during independence has long disappeared. What the hell is wrong with my beloved country Nigeria?

Who really are the problem, is it the men, women, youths or children? I really don’t understand where the problem is coming from. Our founding fathers didn’t experience difficulty or many problems like the way we are presently experiencing despite the fact that Nigeria depended more on agricultural produce. Can it be that the problem of the nation is her own wealth? The very moment oil was discovered in Oloibiri (Oil boom), problem ensued and today we can no longer boast as a nation. But I will not agree to the fact that our wealth is our curse but rather we are our own curse.

Country like UAE are doing well, their wealth is never their curse. This was a country in time past involved in borrowing. This same country came to Africa, Nigeria precisely for loan of which I learnt was not granted but today, many of our citizens are benefiting from the wealth and wisdom endowed them. Is Nigeria really cursed? I say no but our leaders are cursed. If they are not, we won’t be in this mess.

Corruption has eaten up every sphere of government; Education, Entertainment, Ministries even institutions like the family, church and mosque are looming with magnitude of high level of corruption. The system has been refine tuned to suit whoever occupies public offices and shield them from being touched and dealt with all in the name of Immunity clause. Lies upon lies, empty promises upon empty promises. Everyone is fighting for his or herself. No one is fighting for the course of Nigeria to make it a better place for all and sundries. Where is the nationhood in Nigeria?

What do we do? How long shall we continue to wallow in this mess we find ourselves? Can we ever be great again? What is the best cure for a mind or person that is psychologically mistuned; someone who sees nothing wrong in what is bad? How do we go about the renewing of our minds? I am very worried and sorry to say that Nigeria is cursed with bad leaders who don’t have a proper mind of thinking and doing things. If they continue to rule us, Nigeria will and can never be great.

Nigeria we hail thee! ………




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