There is one thing that is annexed to use as a person or as an individual and that is time. But it is so unfortunate that we don’t have the capacity to pause it while we try to get some things done. Time has been permanently put on play mood and it up to us to manage it as it plays on.

Time they say waits for no one but certainly its a free gift to all. How well we maximize our determines how well we tell the story of great achievements. What counts most is how well we plan our time.

Time is very short for a long rehearsal. Everything under the sun is planned to happen in season and out of season. Doing the right things at the right time gives rise to a very good result, I mean enviable results. Placing priority to what matters at the right time is what counts most. To everything, there is time and season. You dare not plant corn when its not it season otherwise the result you get won’t be good.

What counts most is management of time. In as much we know that time is too short for rehearsals, there is every needs to plan and manage our time well. Some folk actually made so many mistakes by not investing their time well and when it’s time to enjoy they suffer instead.


“You cannot change your destination overnight, but you can change your direction overnight.” – Jim Rohn

Let me pick up from the quote sighted above. What every human being strives to achieve is success which ever ways its been acquired is up to us and how we acquire it is also up to us. Which ways seems right is what we all should go with.

To journey into greatness is not just a day thing. The journey to Success in life is not something that happens overnight rather it is a step by step thing that must be positively driven. Focus is the language success understands mostly. To remain focused even in times of challenges is what counts most.

I am aruolinks


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