The greatest harm a man can cause himself is allowing some low self esteemed human make them feel less important in life. No matter how much you are good to them, they see no reasons to talk you into greatness all because they don’t want you to be better than they are or even go worst than they.

In life, virtually everyone needs someone to push them into greatness no matter how smart, brilliant, intelligent, brave and strong they might be. We need mentorship, we need people who can be a source of drive that will propel us to that achelon of success we desire. But the harsh fact is that, we are surrounded by people mostly who don’t believe in us, they seemly not see anything good coming out of us. But the bottom line is “DON’T ALLOW THEM“.

They are willing to make you downgrade or downcast yourself, they will not stop until they make you see yourself as a nobody. The only way to stop them is never to allow them gain access to your mind. Once you give them the key to your mind, they device all means to brandish you with the spirit of impossibilities. Just don’t allow it.

The holy book says that guard your heart with all diligence because out of it flows the issues of life. What you emits is the result of what you take in. Many people send forth what they are really not but what was implanted in them by some people who don’t see them doing great. Don’t allow negetive implantations into your life. They will talk you down but as much as they do, talk yourself up.

Words are powerful, they can pierce you and tear you apart if your are too receptive to negetive words. They go a long way to determining who and what you become. Discard people who speaks negative of you, don’t allow them get access to your mind. Walk in greatness..believe in what you know is best for you. Be an ambassador of great thinker..

You are the best of your kinds…



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